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Technical information

  • Double layer certified face mask with HEIQ Viroblock finishing, 100% Made in Spain.

  • Antiviral: this technology has antiviral and antibacterial properties. Pathogens perish within minutes when in contact with the fabric.

  • Maximum Protection: the external layer protects the wearer and the internal those around him or her.

  • BFE Filtration efficiency >90% (Swiss Task Force requests only >70%)

  • Air permeability (Pa/cm2) <60 (corresponds to Swiss Taks Force requirments)

  • Adaptable: it easily adjusts to the face due to the aluminium nose clip and its two lateral tapes that include length regulators.

  • Water repellent: Viroblock finishing is compatible to use in close contact to skin, repels water and is resistant to droplets, sanitary protection, stain protection.

  • Reusable: it stands a minimum of 30 wash cycles.

  • Sizes: available in S, M, L.

  • CERTIFIED UNE 0065-2020– AITEX REPORT 2020TM1861

HeiQ Viroblock Facemask

  • Available S, M, L.

    2-pack including textile pouch.

    Made in Spain.

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