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Consultancy in gifting line (corporate and promotional) From brainstorming over reseach and development to design and realisation and delivery


LaLuz offers a bespoke consultancy service for all your requirements in the realm of corporate and promotional gifts. This includes brainstorming; research and development; design and realization; as well as thorough quality control and delivery. 


The unique insight gained from more than 15 years’ experience in Communication, Marketing and Event Planning for the luxury industry has provided a solid basis for understanding the needs and wants of every aspect of this demanding sector. With this head-start, you can rely on us to play a proactive role in finding the best accessories for you for any event, anywhere.



It all started with a Panama hat, a favourite of co-founder Luis Alberto Gomez Castillo – originally from Ecuador. A decade ago, his authentic hand-made headgear, which he is often spotted wearing, proved to be the inspiration for a campaign for a famous watch brand. The campaign itself was such a success that it gave rise to the agency that was named “LaLuz” (meaning “the light” in Spanish) because the idea had struck like a flash of lightning.


Since then, driven by the passion and creativity shared with a partner network located all over the world, LaLuz has sought to create and source exclusive gifts – from a customised pen to an outstanding shawl - perfectly suited to your event or brand. Co-owned and managed by Luis and his Swiss wife, Andrea, LaLuz currently works with a roster of clients including a wide range of well-known brands and major events. 

Product Pillars

Product Pillars

LaLuz combines artisanal traditions with contemporary designs and innovation, in order to obtain unique high-end products in line with your vision. These range from leather to textiles, stationery, and a wide selection of other goods.

Each project is approached individually and rooted in the DNA of the relevant company.

A select team of designers, prototype makers and artisans brings your briefs to life by devoting care and attention to creating exclusive projects and personalized gifts, all in line with the high quality standards for which LaLuz is renowned.

Instead of offering a limited catalogue of products, this creative and dynamic company chooses to develop each project based on the individual needs and expectations of its valued clients. This flexibility enables LaLuz to create completely unique gifts, sourced from a multitude of places. Although its areas of action are unlimited, the following main product pillars give you an idea of the options available.


Leather goods are mainly hand-tooled by manufacturers in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Asia, depending on the client’s brief and budget. Extremely careful attention is paid to detail and finishing.


Involved from design to final production, LaLuz works with manufacturers in Italy and Asia, depending on the client’s brief and budget using noble and/ or natural materials such as cashmere, silk, fine wool, linen, cotton which are entirely customized with regard to pattern and colours (jacquard, prints and plain options available).


The wide range of stationery includes customized pens, notebooks, that can be chosen based on a personal discussion regarding your needs and requirements.


Not interested in any of the above? No worries!

LaLuz can elaborate any gift item based on your brief through its network of over 200 suppliers worldwide, be it original Panama hats, sustainable water bottles, porcelain candle holders, shaving sets, shoe shine kits… you name it! 

Services include developing and providing customized packaging for all gift items including hangtags, instruction leaflets and protection. 



To fulfil all your consulting and support requirements in the creation, elaboration and management of your corporate and promotional gift projects.

Philosophy & Values

Great events and great relationships must be remembered with corporate gifts commensurate with their significance, elegance and taste.  Experiential corporate gifts or gestures that are the stuff of memories and embody specific characteristics such as quality and design.


LaLuz is committed to helping you to build long-lasting business partnerships and special memories through its high added-value creative input.


LaLuz GmbH

Please feel free to contact the address below! LaLuz is always up to a challenge!

Andrea & Luis Alberto Csiki-Gomez

Höheweg 12 CH-3800 Interlaken | VAT NR: CHE-488.058.561 | T. +41 (0) 32 525 49 17 |

LaLuz GmbH Showroom Höheweg 12 CHF-3800 Interlaken


Natural and ecological materials, a proven worldwide network of over 200 partners with artisanal know-how.


Fully customised articles, adapted to your requirements, from design to the application of your logo.


An excellent value for money,  flexible delivery times and total respect of your code of confidentiality.


Personalized quality controls matching the extremely high standards imposed by LaLuz. REACH and any other European Certification on request.

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